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Basingstoke Tinnitus Group 1st birthday party

Basingstoke and Area Tinnitus Support Group

The Basingstoke and Area Tinnitus Support Group was formed in February 2021 by Peter and Margaret Humphreys. They had been considering it for some time as they were both had tinnitus which worsened as they got older. Whilst there is a network of tinnitus support groups across the UK, none covered this part of Hampshire. They had been about to start it in the spring of 2020 when covid really started. It was suggested by Mary Robinson of Basingstoke Voluntary Action that the Group be started in February 2021 to coincide with National Tinnitus Week. BVA offered support with publicity and technical help. 

A pre-launch general meeting was held on 5 February 2021 to give some formality to the Group and adopt a constitution based on the charity Commission model one for small charities.

A half page publicity article appeared in the Basingstoke Gazette in early February, plus in most of the nineteen free community magazines and publications that operate in the Basingstoke area.   The Group was also listed on the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) and Hampshire Hospital Foundation trust web sites. The BTA sent details of the group to all its members with a Basingstoke area post code.

The purpose of the BAATSG and its activities for public benefit

The purposes of the BAATSG is to provide help, information support and friendship to those with tinnitus in Basingstoke and the surrounding geographical area.  

Membership is open to those who have tinnitus, their families, carers and medical professionals and others professionally associated with providing clinical and support services to those with tinnitus. 


One of the activities of the group is to review the experience of those with tinnitus, their families and carers with the aim to be able to improve this through making appropriate recommendations to health professionals, the Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust management and others as necessary.  


The public benefit has been through having the funding to maintain and expand the Group’s membership and general awareness of tinnitus. Also, the maintenance and development of a information and resource list on tinnitus for members and other. Also, to collaborate with other voluntary health related support groups in the Basingstoke area  

Membership, induction, training and meetings

The Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and the committee are elected from the membership.

The Group membership is drawn from anyone affected by tinnitus, including families and carers, health professionals and others who support those with tinnitus.

New members will be inducted by an officer or a committee member.

The office holders and committee members will be offered training through the British Tinnitus Association and Basingstoke Voluntary Action.

Main achievements of the Group

(i) Starting up and sustaining the tinnitus support group with an expanding membership through its first year of operation.

(ii) Providing a series of meetings both Zoom and in-person

(iii) Building up a Tinnitus Information and Resource list from member recommendations of tinnitus items, made easily available to members through Google Docs.

(iv) Facilitating the knowledge, networking and collaboration of members concerning tinnitus.

(v) Being financially sustainable through to 2023

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