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Learn more about Tinnitus

If you exploring `What is Tinnitus`, why you have it, and what to expect about it, best place to start is, Tinnituskit website. British Tinnitus Association and IDA institute will provide scientifically proofed information. Click on the picture.

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British Tinnitus Association

The British Tinnitus Association was founded in 1952 to be able to provide help and support for people who lives with Tinnitus. 

To visit BTA website click below.


What`s on NHS?

What NHS says about Tinnitus? What is it, what are the treatment options? If you like to see what you can do about it, or what not to do with it, visit the official NHS website and learn more about it.
Click below to go to NHS website.


Apps, meds, tools and more ideas. 
Check our Resource List

Ever since the group is exists members found different methods to cope with their Tinnitus. This is what works for us. Have a look - click below.

Tinnitus Group in Aldershot

If you looking for help with your Tinnitus around Aldershot area you can contact the local Tinnitus group by phone or email.

Jacqueline Hocking

01252 318121

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